The worst part about discovering a great new bar? Once the cat is out of the bag, everyone wants in. Luckily the New Orleans-inspired cocktail den that has set up shop on King Street in the city is not exactly easy to find. The Swinging Cat hides underneath a Subway sandwich shop and boasts almost no signage. Of course, such is the CBD’s after-work thirst that the place pumps after knock off regardless – Sydney booze hounds can sniff out good drinks at a thousand paces.


If you’ve been hanging out for a frosty ale make it an Abita amber. The Louisiana brew has the gentle caramel flavours and malty body of a darker ale, and is as refreshing as a swift dip in a snowy river. It’s worth finding a spot on your dance card for its lighter cousin, the golden ale, and being a city bar there’s no way Heineken and Pilsner Urquell didn’t get an invite to after work drinks.


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