Sazerac – The Traditional – $20
H by Hine VSOP Cognac stirred together with traditional gum syrup, Peychaud bitters, served in a Herbsaint rinsed rocks glass and finished with lemon twist. Also available with Sazerac 6yo Rye Whiskey, 50-50 or with any spirit of your choice

Signature Cocktails

Smoked Honey – $19
Dewars 12yo and Talisker 10yo stirred together with cigar smoked honey, Fernet Branca, Peychaud bitters

Rue Royale – $18
Eristoff vodka, vanilla, passionfruit, salted caramel, apple and lemon juice shaken and served up

“TSC” New York Sour – $19
Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey, Fresh lemon juice, dash of sugar finished with a Blood orange and Red Wine foam

Rue Dumaine – $18
Eristoff vodka, cold pressed coconut, cranberry, house made pomegrenate syrup & kaffir lime leaves. Served tall

Rue Dauphine – $16
House made blood orange sorbet mixed with sparkling wine and Belvoire raspberry and lemon cordial

Decatur – $18.5
Bacardi 8yo rum infused with Applewood smoked dates, slowly stirred with Rosso Antico sweet vermouth and a dash of Angostura bitters. Served up

Cold Pressed Obsessed

Bourbon Street – $19
Fig and walnut infused Hine cognac, white creme de cacao and apple juice served up then dusted with grated nutmeg

Rue Desire – $19
Bacardi Oro rum infused with dried banana, cold pressed pineapple, house made falernum, fresh lime zest. Served up

Toulouse Street – $19
Dried apricot infused Bombay original gin, freshly pressed lemon and ruby grapefruit shaken with lemon thyme and peychaud bitters  Served up.

Elysian Fields – $19
Bacardi Oro rum cold press infused with almond, paw-paw and mango, pressed lime and fresh orange juice. Served over crushed ice.

Magnolia – $19
Cold pressed dried strawberry infused Bombay Sappire gin, a teaspoon of strawberry yoghurt and fresh lemon juice. Shaken with a tiny piece of lavender and tonic water.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Redbank Emily Brut – Bottle $55 / Glass $10
King Valley, VIC

NV Pizzini Prosecco – $75
King Valley, VIC

NV Louis Bouillot Perle d’Ivoire – $80
Blanc de Blancs, Burgundy, FRA

2012 Deviation Road Loftia Brut – $95
Adelaide Hills, SA

Taittinger Prestige Brut – Bottle $110 / Glass $22
Champagne, FRA

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs – $195
Champagne, FRA

NV Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose – $215
Champagne, FRA

2004 Perrier-Jouët La Belle Epoque – $295
Champagne, FRA

2004 Dom Perignon Brut Vintage – $400
Champagne, FRA

White Wine

Slip Knot, Sauvignon Blanc – Bottle $50 / Glass $10
Marlborough, NZ

Tim Adams, Riesling – Bottle $60 / Glass $12
Clare Valley, SA

Rob Dolan True Colors, Chardonnay – Bottle $65 / Glass $12.5
Yarra Valley, VIC

Corte Giara, Pinot Grigio – Bottle $60 / Glass $11.50

William Fevre, Chablis – $95
Burgundy, FRA


Peroni Red, Italy – $9
Easy drinking Italian lager with a slight richness

4 Pines Kolsh, Manly – $10
German style golden lager with a crisp and clean finish

4 Pines Pale Ale, Manly – $10
Brilliant brew made with american malt and spring water from Louisiana

Sydney Beer Co. Larger, Sydney – $10
A clean and dry lager with a subtle hop aroma

Abita Turbo Dog, New Orleans – $11.5
Dark, brown ale with a sweet chocolate, toffee-like flavour

Hills Apple Cider, Adelaide Hills – $9.5
Nice dry cider made with 100% whole Adelaide Hills apples

James Boags Light, Tasmania – $7

Ode to The Sazerac

In 1838, Antoine Amedie Peychaud, owner of a New Orleans apothecary, treated his friends to brandy toddies of his own recipe, including his “Peychaud’s Bitters,” made from a secret family recipe. The toddies were made using a double-ended egg cup as a measuring cup or jigger, then known as a “coquetier” (pronounced “ko-k-tay”), from which some believed the word “cocktail” derived from, but was just an odd coincidence.

By 1850, the Sazerac Cocktail, made with Sazerac French brandy and Peychaud’s Bitters, was immensely popular, and became the first “branded” cocktail. In 1873, the recipe for the Sazerac Cocktail was altered to replace the French brandy with American Rye whiskey, and a dash of absinthe was added.

In 1933, the Sazerac Cocktail was bottled and marketed by the Sazerac Company of New Orleans. That same year, “Herbsaint,” a pastis, was made according to a French recipe; “Herbsaint” was so named for the New Orleans term for wormwood – “Herb Sainte.”

In 1940, the Official Sazerac Cocktail recipe was modified to use Herbsaint as the absinthe.

Finally, in 2000, the Official Sazerac Cocktail recipe was modified to use Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

New Orleans Classics

Hurricane – $20
A heavy combination of three differents rum (Coruba Jamaican, Clement agricole and Bacardi Carta Fuego Spiced), passionfruit, pomegrenate, lemon juice and orange. Pat O’Brien, 1940’s

New Orleans Fizz – $18
Bombay Original gin, freshly pressed lemon juice, orange blossom, cream, egg white and soda. Served tall. Henrico C. Ramos, 1888

Creole Mary – $18
Eristoff vodka washed with prosciutto, housemade celery shrub, Cajun spice and tomato juice. Brennan’s restaurant 1950’s.

Vieux Carre – $19
Rye Whiskey, Cognac, Sweet Vermouth, Benedictine, Peychaud and Angostura bitters served with crystal clear ice. Walter Bergeron, 1938

Absinthe Frappe – $20
Absinthe, almond syrup, soda water and fresh mint. Served tall over crushed ice. Cayetano Ferrer, 1874

Grasshopper – $20
Vodka, Branca Menta, White creme de cacao, cream. Served up with grated chocolate. Philip Guichet, 1850’s

De La Louisiane – $19
Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Benedictine, Absinthe and Peychaud bitters served up with a twist of orange. Stanley Clisby Arthur, 1937

Red Wine

Torres Rose de Casta, Grenache (Rose) – Bottle $50 / Glass $11
Penedes, SPA

Rob Dolan True Colours, Pinot Noir – Bottle $60 / Glass $12
Yarra Valley, VIC

Alamos, Malbec – Bottle $60 / Glass $12
Mendoza, ARG

Sister’s Run Epiphany, Shiraz – Bottle $60 / Glass $12
McLaren Vale, SA

Earthworks, Cabernet Sauvignon – Bottle $50 / Glass $10.5
Barossa Valley, SA

Torbreck Woodcutters, Shiraz – $70
Barossa Valley, SA

Soft Drinks

Mineral Water – $6

Juices – $5
Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry

Soft Drinks – $4.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Tonic